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Home Page

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Welcome To




Marine Ecology

  Mr. Elliot Seifert

Science Department

Haverford High School

200 Mill Road

Havertown, PA 19083



(610) 853-5900 Ext. 2803






Class Syllabus
Class Schedule
Class Grades
Sea Turtle
French Angelfish
Fiddler Crab
Documents Interesting Links Seifert's Biography Haverford Reef Society
Spotted Eagle Ray Leafy Sea Dragon Scuba Diving Spotted Moray Eel


Tip: The links for the Class Schedule, Class Grades, and Haverford Reef Society will navigate you away from this page.  You will have to use the BACK function of your browser to return to this page.  For all other links, you may use the "HOME" icon at the bottom of the linked page to return to the home page.

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